Koha is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

jQuery and jQueryUI

jQuery and jQueryUI are licensed under the MIT license


Bootstrap code and Glyphicons Free licensed under Apache License v2.0.


BSD License

Famfamfam iconset

The Bridge Material Type Icon Set

The Noun Project icons

  • All images come from The Noun Project collection
  • Circulation ("fair-trade") symbol by Edward Boatman ; Patrons ("children's library") symbol by Edward Boatman, Saul Tannenbaum, Stephen Kennedy, Nikki Snow, Brooke Hamilton ; Search ("magnifying glass") symbol by Philipp Suess ; Lists ("folder") symbol by Jack Biesek, Gladys Brenner, Margaret Faye, Healther Merrifield, Kate Keating, Wendy Olmstead, Todd Pierce, Jamie Cowgill, Jim Bolek ; Course reserves ("stack of books") symbol by Jeremy J. Bristol; Cataloging ("price tag") symbol by the Noun Project ; Authorities ("link") symbol by Matthew Exton ; Serials ("newspaper") symbol by John Caserta ; Acquisitions ("present") symbol by David Goodger ; Reports ("pie chart") symbol by Scott Lewis ; Administration ("gears") symbol by Jeremy Minnick ; Tools ("wrench") symbol by National Park Service

jQuery Star Rating Plugin

jQuery Star Rating Plugin v3.14 by Fyneworks.com is licensed under the MIT License and the GPL License.

Copyright © 2008 Fyneworks.com

jQuery insertAtCaret Plugin

jQuery insertAtCaret Plugin v1.0 by the phpMyAdmin devel team is licensed under the GPL License.

Copyright © 2003-2010 phpMyAdmin devel team

jQuery treetable Plugin

The jQuery treetable Plugin 3.1.0 is released under MIT license by Ludo van den Boom.

OpenJS Keyboard Shortcuts Library

The OpenJS keyboard shortcuts library by Binny V A is licensed under the BSD license.


The jquery.dataTables.grouping.js plugin by Jovan Popovic is licensed under the BSD and GPL v2 license.

jQuery Colvis plugin

The controls for column visiblity in DataTables by Allan Jardine is licensed under the BSD 3 and GPL v2 license.


The jQuery multiple select plugin by Zhixin Wen is licensed under the MIT license.

Javascript Diff Algorithm

The Javascript Diff Algorithm plugin by John Resig is licensed under the MIT License.

Virtual Keyboard

The Virtual Keyboard plugin by Ilya Lebedev is licensed under GPL v2.1 license